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So You Want to Be A Dungeon Master?

Dungeon Master's Screen artwork from Wizards of the Coast As someone who loves Dungeons & Dragons (& all sorts of tabletop RPGs) and has a decent amount of experience under my belt, I'm often asked by new or prospective DMs (Dungeon Masters) for advice. I hope I can start to compile that advice into a series of blog posts but that this one will stand well on its own! This is a decently long post, and the links I have may have many hours of content, but don't get intimidated , thinking you need to know everything before you start, I sure didn't! Instead gather some friends (ideally 3-5, any more can be overwhelming) , make characters together, and start playing ! (Check out this character sheet , I prefer it to the official one). You'll learn as you go and probably make mistakes, but that's fine, just have fun!  So You Want to Be A Dungeon Master series Table of Contents Intro Post Links to other advice givers Links to rules resources