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What should I buy?: A Smartphone Guide

My friend asked for information on what phone to get on Facebook and I ended up writing way too much in the comments and decided to put it here. Unlocking Rogers (and I believe others) won't unlock a phone right away (90 days for Rogers). You could also buy a phone unlocked, or get it unlocked by someone besides the carrier (may void the warranty). The Nexus 4 can be bought from Google unlocked, unsubsidised. NOTE : Starting in December carriers will be required to allow you to unlock the phone immediately if you pay full price and after 90 days if it's subsidised. CRTC Phone rights iOS vs. Android I would recommend looking at both of these a bit to figure out what features you like most. Personally I like Android, but iOS works perfectly well for many people. iOS 7 (latest) has many features from Android which I also like. I won't go into the details on iOS as I'm no expert and not sure of everything included in iOS 7. Android however I could go on a