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Offline Password Creator

UPDATE : Please read my update on password security , as this post is no longer good advice but will be left up for archival purposes. Inspired by the xkcd comic Password Strength , I decided to write a python script that will create a password encryption scheme. from The problem I have with idea of choosing four random words is the fact that you still want a different set for each website (in case of attacks). My solution was to create a list with a word associated with each letter from A to Z. The python script takes input from the given word list (aka dictionary) and randomly selects words for each letter and then spits out into a text file. It's quite easy to change the dictionary file just edit the line  filename = "crossword_wordlist.txt" to the file name you want. However the file must contains words that start with each letter (they do not have to be in order though). The seed for the random number generator is based on the current