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A Minor Update

I made a few changes to my website today, including completely changing this blog's layout. I added Flattr integration which wasn't working with the Dynamic layout I had before. Let me know what you think about the change! Speaking of Flattr, I've added a Flattr button to my main website in addition to other donation options like Paypal and Bitcoins in case people want to support my work (and/or hosting costs). I've also added a neat little web app over at  that finds the proportion of colours in an image. May need some more tweaks but that's the initial version. I'll publish another blog post soon about how to setup and run automated tests with Selenium!

How to install RHQ on CentOS

This guide was originally written for a work project, but I was given permission to blog about it. My Virtual Machine Setup You can of course use whatever you would like but this is my setup. OS: CentOS 6.3 64-bit Desktop Virtual Machine Software : VMWare Player Virtual Machine Specs : about 2-3GB of memory and 2 Processors Install the OS with VMWare Player, its handy Easy Install will do most of that work for you, so you can walk away until it's finished. Linux/CentOS Usage Notes For those unfamiliar with Linux here are some quick notes If you are not comfortable with using vi, simply replace any instance of ‘vi’ with ‘nano’. Nano is a much more user-friendly command line text editor. Nano overview of nano     Keys work as you would expect, you can type instantly and arrows move the cursor around. Move the cursor down past the bottom to scroll.       Press Ctrl-O (shown as ^O) to save (shown as WriteOut)    Press Ctrl-X to exit (Show

What should I buy?: A Smartphone Guide

My friend asked for information on what phone to get on Facebook and I ended up writing way too much in the comments and decided to put it here. Unlocking Rogers (and I believe others) won't unlock a phone right away (90 days for Rogers). You could also buy a phone unlocked, or get it unlocked by someone besides the carrier (may void the warranty). The Nexus 4 can be bought from Google unlocked, unsubsidised. NOTE : Starting in December carriers will be required to allow you to unlock the phone immediately if you pay full price and after 90 days if it's subsidised. CRTC Phone rights iOS vs. Android I would recommend looking at both of these a bit to figure out what features you like most. Personally I like Android, but iOS works perfectly well for many people. iOS 7 (latest) has many features from Android which I also like. I won't go into the details on iOS as I'm no expert and not sure of everything included in iOS 7. Android however I could go on a

Script to create full CVS Changelogs

Background CVS Commit histories are saved file-by-file. In my coursework we were required to use a CVS repository to create a group project. Why did I do this? I didn't like having to check individual files to find out what's been changed so I did some looking and found cvs2cl that would create a changelog. How I solved the problem Luckily I have a Raspberry Pi sitting around so I created this script to automatically create full changelogs each time a new commit was found. (Mine checks every 15 minutes for new commits). Several things one would need to do to replicate this setup. 1) Checkout the project from the CVS repo manually 2) Update the regex on line 15 to match the username naming scheme 3) Install cvs2cl 4) Install/setup exim4 (which allows me to send email through my secondary Gmail account) 5) Change YOU@DOMAIN.COM to the email you wish the log to be sent to. 6) Edit crontab to have the script run automatically (or set it up some other way) NOTE