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How to install RHQ on CentOS

This guide was originally written for a work project, but I was given permission to blog about it. My Virtual Machine Setup You can of course use whatever you would like but this is my setup. OS: CentOS 6.3 64-bit Desktop Virtual Machine Software : VMWare Player Virtual Machine Specs : about 2-3GB of memory and 2 Processors Install the OS with VMWare Player, its handy Easy Install will do most of that work for you, so you can walk away until it's finished. Linux/CentOS Usage Notes For those unfamiliar with Linux here are some quick notes If you are not comfortable with using vi, simply replace any instance of ‘vi’ with ‘nano’. Nano is a much more user-friendly command line text editor. Nano overview of nano     Keys work as you would expect, you can type instantly and arrows move the cursor around. Move the cursor down past the bottom to scroll.       Press Ctrl-O (shown as ^O) to save (shown as WriteOut)    Press Ctrl-X to exit (Show