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Chromecast: A Week in Review

BackgroundI decided to buy a Chromecast to replace my Raspberry Pi as a Plex client and general streaming device. 

I use a few services quite regularly for watching shows and these are a requirement for me to consider a new set-top box for the TV. 

My "Streaming Trinity" is: 
Crunchyroll - for legal anime subs. (Ad-based and subscription options)Netflix - for movies, TV, and legal anime dubs (subscription)
and Plex  - for local media on my computer and I'm trying out some 'channels' as well to watch videos from official websites such as CBC and Discovery
(Paid mobile apps,Free web/desktop clients, optional subscription or one-time lifetime unlock, requires a computer for a server)The Chromecast had my trinity and more so for about $50 CAD (after shipping and tax) I figured it was worth a shot! I also purchased it in the timeframe to receive $20 on Google Play (this offer is over now, sorry). I heard you can also purchase them in-stores in Canada which would reduce…