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Remote Remote Work: Make coding on EC2 Instances Easier

In an effort to post a bit more here's the first entry in my No Frills series. This posts will be short, and mostly reference outside sources. So you need to access resources in a remote network like AWS or Azure, but don't want to use ssh + vim/emacs/etc or don't want to constantly be pushing commits? This solution is for you! You'll need a Unix-like environment such as Ubuntu on your server side, a terminal locally with SSH, and ideally VS Code.   First install tmux, if you're not familiar check out a tutorial like this one . This cheat sheet is very handy too! In your ~/.bashrc (or appropriate shell config file) add the following so you'll always have access to tmux easily: # Open Tmux Session immediately on SSH and exit SSH Session when exiting tmux if [[ -n "$PS1" ]] && [[ -z "$TMUX" ]] && [[ -n "$SSH_CONNECTION" ]]; then tmux attach-session -t ssh_tmux || tmux new-session -s ssh_tmux; exit; fi     Now