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A Quick Note

Just a quick note to any readers who are used to the old layout: I switched it so it better matches my full website and no longer uses widgets that would break certain layouts. Hope to post something interesting in the near future.

No Pressure - A Guide to Steam Family Sharing

Many people have asked me about how exactly Steam Family Sharing works so I'll try and cover some of the tricks and special cases not covered in Steam's FAQ Sharing games with a child, parent, sibling, room mate or other person you live with is often quite simple when you use a shared computer. However, I'd like to cover the other scenario: sharing with friends. I like explaining concepts through examples so to go through all of these examples we will use two friends, Alice and Bob, who live in separate homes, use separate computers, and want to share games. For the purposes of example I will give them each a small library of games: Alice's Games: Hotline Miami (only Alice owns) FTL (both Alice and Bob own) Dota 2 (Free to Play so both Alice and Bob 'own' it) Bob's Games: Crypt of the NecroDancer (only Bob owns) FTL (both Alice and Bob own) Dota 2 (Free to Play so both Alice and Bob 'own' it) Alright great now we'v

The Bag of Rumours - A quick guide to presenting your D&D players with options

I've been a running and playing Dungeons & Dragons off and on for the last decade. Recently I feel I've upped my game and found some useful tricks, props, and techniques that have helped enhance the game I'm currently running for my players and feel this would be useful for other DMs new and old. Today's post is about Rumours, that little blurb of plothook filled text at the beginning of a module that you're supposed to give to your players somehow. My problem with plot hooks and rumours is I was never sure how to present them to my players without feeling artificial. I was browsing the DnD subreddit one day and I either found this idea or I realized it was a good one: The bag of rumours.  Overview I'm currently using  Sly Flourish's Lazy DM  ideas for adventure design but to make things more sandbox/open world I have thrown in a combination of   Critical Hits ' 5x5 method. This means I have several adventures 'on the go' that have a