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The "I just got an Android - What apps should I get?" Guide

Update: I've added some more apps and updated the prices on Swiftkey since it is free now. I've also added explanations to the differences between the free and paid versions of apps. Any extra details in the description/new apps are prefaced with Update or New This is my primer to Android apps. There are some apps I install on any Android device I have, either because I feel it's necessary, enhances the experience, or is just plain cool. To help remind myself which apps these are and to cut down on the number of times I have to copy and paste links for people I've compiled this list. (All prices are from the Canadian Google Play Store at the time of writing) Keyboard Swiftkey - Play Store Free ! - Official Site This is my favourite keyboard app. I like it because of its themes, the Flow mode, and its word prediction (which is great!). To be fair, I haven't tried the new Android Kitkat keyboard, so it may have improved significantly. However, the adva